PivotCare Team Member | Lauri

Life insurance is personal for Lauri and her knowledge can be put to work to help you get the best Pivot life insurance policy for your family.

Lauri Pella
Lauri Pella

More About Lauri Pella: PivotCare Service Manager

Lauri’s 28 years in the life insurance business have brought their share of both challenges and fun. But, it is her personal history that keeps Lauri motivated to find the absolute best policies for her clients.

“Having lost my mother and mother-in-law in less than two years of each other, and seeing the minimal amount of insurance they had and the struggles that ensued for both families, I know how important life insurance is. I don’t want my loved ones to be burdened upon my passing,” says Lauri.

Lauri lost her mom to cancer and counts her as her greatest hero noting that she always thought of her kids and family first. As a testament to her mother’s fight, Lauri supports the American Cancer Society and is particularly active within lung cancer research and funding. She is also a supporter of the March of Dimes. She prides herself on passing along her mother’s love and commitment to family through her nieces and nephews.

Lauri joined the PivotCare team in 2004 and has proven herself to be a true team player. She’s willing to stay late to help her team and knows the value of teamwork, especially in hectic seasons.

Lauri’s family is built on love, loyalty, honesty and laughter. The middle girl sandwiched between two sisters and a brother, Lauri counts on her family to be there for her through both good and bad times – and they know they can count on her too.

Lauri treats everyone like a celebrity and would love the opportunity to help your family have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the right policy to cover all the needs of your family. Contact Lauri today. She will listen to your family’s needs and help you find a solution that fits both your life and your pocketbook.