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Michele’s 35 years in the business helps families prepare through all of Life’s Pivotal Moments.

Michele Cleary
Michele Cleary

More About Michele Cleary: PivotCare Team Director

For Michele, life insurance is all about protecting Life’s Pivotal Moments. As a mother of four grown children, Michele has seen her share of life changes and is looking forward to more.

“I have experienced many of Life’s Pivotal Moments and all have shaped me in some fashion along the way,” says Michele. “I’ve gone to school, gotten married, had several babies, bought homes and currently have retirement on the horizon. I’ve learned a lot along the way and love to share these experiences as a way of helping others whenever I can.”

For Michele, the 'right now’ is focused on getting all of her children through school and able to live independently. She and her husband are also starting to really save and invest for the retirement years, knowing that proper planning is a crucial part of that life step.

But, even in planning, Michele knows that there has to be some flexibility.

“One of my family’s greatest assets is flexibility,” says Michele. “We have four kids spread out over twelve years, and my husband and I have always worked full time. There is a lot of juggling, but invariably we somehow always managed to keep it together… and have some fun too!”

For Michele, even in flexibility there are some hard line rules. And, one of those necessities and non-negotiables is life insurance.

“We had a life threatening scare in our family and it helped knowing that if anything happened the family would be taken care of,” says Michele. “It gave us peace of mind when we had plenty of other things to worry about.”

Even after 35 years in the business and a CLTC designation, it is this personal life experience that Michele is hoping will help educate others about the need for life insurance.