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Pat enjoys helping people save money on life insurance, while allowing them to maintain robust coverage to cover any situation life may present.

Pat Phouthavong
Pat Phouthavong

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Pat is inspired by hard working people, so it is no surprise that she is a hard worker herself. Her favorite part of her job is finding the right life insurance policy for her clients, especially those that are a bit harder to insure.

“I had a client recently that was declined for previous life insurance policies due to an undiagnosed condition,” says Pat. “We worked together and came up with a solution – and she just got a 20-year, $250,000 policy with Pivot.”

Her other great accomplishment at work is saving people money. She is willing to go the extra mile and always keeps her ears open to hear a client’s needs. For her, life insurance is about protection for a client’s family – and that is not a responsibility that Pat takes lightly.

Pat comes from a large family of six children. She now has four children and one grandchild, who she makes sure to spoil every chance she gets. Her family is built on hard work, respect and love. Pat has worked in life insurance for 13 years, but never thought about buying a policy for herself until she started working in the business.

“I was a single mom with four kids, and I realized how much a life insurance policy would ease my worries regarding my children’s future,” says Pat.

Whether it is time for a policy renewal, or you are looking to purchase insurance for the first time, Pat is the perfect person to walk you through the process. It pays to work with a life insurance professional that understands all of the policies available on the market and knows how to work through multiple options to achieve a policy that is a great match for both your current life and financial situation.