PivotCare Team Member | Brian

Brian isn’t just the CEO and President of Pivot, he knows life insurance and is a key member of the PivotCare Team.

Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll

More About Brian Carroll: President and CEO

Brian has been a part of the life insurance industry for 30 years and holds both a CLU designation and a CPCU designation- which positions him perfectly as President and CEO of Pivot and the leader of the PivotCare Team. But, for Brian, it’s not just experience that makes an indelible mark in the world of business, it’s an ability to think creatively and create a team environment geared towards solutions.

One of Brian’s favorite reads is the story of David and Goliath from the Bible. And, not just because the underdog wins in the end. Brian views the story as a great representation for using out-of-the-box strategies to win life’s battles.

Brian is a dedicated husband and father to three sons. Always active, Brian has completed eight Ironmans and 65 marathons.

Brian started Pivot so that families could have an easy and friendly way to buy insurance. A forerunner in the industry, Brian has always seen the root of life insurance as social since customers tend to purchase from someone they trust or from a referral from someone they trust. Pivot was created for today’s online public - a social insurance marketplace that helps customers live their lives to the fullest because they took the extra step to preserve their lifestyle with life insurance.

“The PivotCare Team members get me motivated each day,” says Brian. “Their enthusiasm inspires me to grow Pivot to take care of the changing needs of our customers, our employees and their families every day.”

Outside of the office, Brian and his wife began Brendan’s Buddies, an organization aimed at raising money for the UMass Memorial Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The money raised by the foundation goes directly towards the purchase of life-saving equipment for premature babies. The family realized this need after their son Brendan was born prematurely, weighing less than two pounds at birth. It is their hope that the funds and focus on future planning will allow other babies like Brendan the chance to thrive.

Brian’s outlook on planning for the future is also his outlook on life insurance.

“Life insurance is about living life… knowing you have more choices because some of the unknowns in life can become certain,” says Brian.