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Life insurance specialist Jim is dedicated to giving his Pivot clients the best policy for their money.

Jim Marcinkewicz
Jim Marcinkewicz

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For Jim, a life insurance policy is about protecting your hard work for your family and providing them the financial stability to succeed, no matter what the circumstance.

“Having lost family members, some of which did not have life insurance, I have witnessed firsthand the difficulty of losing someone you love coupled with the additional stress of having to figure out how the family was going to cover final expenses and outstanding debts,” says Jim. 'I want to be remembered as the individual who cared enough to prepare.”

With two daughters in college, Jim knows the expense it takes to care for family and enjoys helping others to prepare their futures as well – and he knows that this process requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

A second generation American, Jim watched his father work long hours in a factory to save up enough to open his own business. He witnessed the value of his father’s hard work and lives by his mantra, “Whatever you do in life, be honest and respectful.”

After ending his first career as a Lieutenant in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, Jim began working within the insurance business in 2009 and started his career with Pivot Life Insurance in 2011. Away from the office, Jim is a big supporter of the American Red Cross. He donates blood and also teaches classes for the organization in both CPR and First Aid.

If you are ready to put Jim’s dedication to work for you, contact him today. His biggest successes are obtaining policies for those who have not been able to qualify for life insurance in the past. Jim knows how to do the research and qualify you for a policy that fits both your lifestyle and your budget, while keeping your family completely covered.