PivotCare Team Member | Ken

Ken views life insurance as an important piece of financial stability for every family. His knowledge helps Pivot policyholders have peace of mind for the future.

Ken Buccico
Ken Buccico

More About Ken Buccico: PivotCare Sales Supervisor

Ken holds a LUTC designation and has been in the life insurance business for 39 years. He has proven to be valuable team member at Pivot since 2000. Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, Ken stayed close to home to raise two boys and one girl with his wife, and is now thrilled to be playing the role of grandfather.

Known for his dedication to going above and beyond for his clients, Ken has stayed late many times to help policyholders settle issues. And, he’ll go just about anywhere to make a sale. His most unique life insurance sales presentation took place on a submarine!

“Life insurance is an important piece of financial stability,” says Ken. “I view life insurance for what it does, rather than what it is. Life insurance proceeds will pay off a mortgage, pay college education costs, replace income, pay funeral expenses and debts, provide cash for an emergency fund, and supplement retirement income, as well as provide liquidity for estate settlements cost.”

It’s clear to see that Ken views life insurances as a when, not an if. He’s genuine about helping people regarding life insurance matters and has been able to help many clients significantly lower their current income taxes and reduce estate taxes incurred to surviving family members through the products he sells at Pivot.

Away from the office, Ken says Christmas is his favorite time of year. He loves giving gifts to family members and enjoys the time to be together. His family is close and maintains their strong bonds by providing support and love to each other in both good times and bad.

It’s family that inspires him, not only to have life insurance for himself, but to provide quality options to the clients he serves.

“I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren that provide daily enjoyment,” says Ken. “I look forward to my retirement years, knowing I will have the ability to watch my children mature and my grandchildren grow.”

If you are ready to work with Ken, give him a call today. His wealth of experience can be put to work for you as you make decisions regarding financial stability for your family’s future through a life insurance policy.