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Kyle would like to help your family enter into the future with confidence. After all, the life insurance policy you have ultimately benefits those you love, not yourself.

Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald

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With over ten years of life insurance experience, Kyle holds FIC, FICF, FSCP®, CLTC, and CES™ designations, and is a very knowledgeable source of information for Pivot clients.

Kyle’s viewpoint on life insurance is simply stated and concise, yet it is a message that he feels fewer and fewer families are taking to heart. “Anyone with a family MUST have life insurance, it really is as simple as that,” says Kyle. 'In the end, life insurance is for others you care about, not you.'

For Kyle, family is extremely important. He puts a great deal of effort into his occupation, but he enjoys most of all the time he invests with his wife and two girls, one with autism and epilepsy. He also enjoys botany, horticulture, and gardening, especially harvest season.

Kyle has watched his life change tremendously as he has walked through some of Life’s Pivotal Moments: Graduating, Being Promoted, Getting Married, Purchasing a Home, and Having Children which have all clearly defined his character.

“These moments have made me a less selfish and self-absorbed human being,” says Kyle. “Suffering, turmoil, and sacrifices are something that we naturally fear and loathe, but in the long run, they allow us to grow as human beings... to become more sympathetic, caring, and understanding.”

With a strong faith, Kyle’s greatest hope is to lead his family into the future with a growing spirituality.They volunteer with the St. Vincent De Paul Society, Catholic Charities, St. John’s Food for the Poor Program, and the Knights of Columbus. He is an avid reader of the works by great philosophic and theological thinkers.

If you would like to work with Kyle’s strong background in life insurance and ethics for your benefit, contact him today. He is ready to help you make the next step in your family’s future with confidence.