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With a strong past in the life insurance business, Mark is positioned to help your family meet future goals with a Pivot life insurance policy to fit your financial situation.

Mark Yurkovic
Mark Yurkovic

More About Mark Yurkovic: PivotCare Sales Supervisor

Mark’s meticulous nature fits in perfectly with life insurance. He’s known for his knowledge and ability to complete any task in a thorough way. And, this attention to detail extends well beyond the office. Mark enjoys building remote control boats to true scale and also plays the piano, guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Mark’s family is important to him. His goal is to provide a wealth of experiences for his twin sons, Nate and Eli, so that they are positioned well in future endeavors. This takes a lot of hard work, but it is this hard work that Mark respects the most.

“I’ve always been a supporter of the local police and fire department. These heroes work tirelessly to keep us safe and are often asked to risk their own life with little to no thanks,” says Mark. “I’d count Frank Zappa as another of my heroes. He managed to write and record more than 60 albums in his lifetime. No one else has done that.”

With 12 years in the business, Mark, holds a CLTC designation, and has had his share of interesting conversations and challenges to finding coverage. It’s the policies that go towards helping those in the community that mean the most to Mark – specifically teachers, police officers and those working for the fire department.

Mark believes strongly in experiences and feels that each experience you have in life has a lesson to teach, you just have to be willing to learn it. He wants that learning process for his kids and knows that the protection of life insurance can play a big role in their successes.

“Life insurance is a long process and it can change many times along life’s road,” says Mark. “It takes a strong knowledge of the field and a good listening ear to get the best policy, but life insurance is always a valuable tool in your family’s success.”

Mark is ready to put his strong family ethics and meticulous nature to work for you. Contact Mark today to discuss life insurance options and work toward finding the best fit for your family.