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With 30 years in the business and a focus on family, Melanie is a great ally for those looking to purchase a life insurance policy.

Melanie Tretheway

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For Melanie personally, life insurance is a guarantee that her children will be independent and happy. A robust policy would provide her boys with the chance to pay off any student loan debt in her absence and focus on moving forward with experiences to shape them and help them grow.

It’s not something she likes to dwell on, but Melanie has worked hard to get where she is and wants to protect that for her children. As one of a crew of six siblings herself, Melanie watched her father work long hours to support his family.

“He routinely worked 60 or more hours a week but somehow he always had time for his family,” says Melanie. “Family was important to him and we felt that as kids. I strive to make sure my kids know the same.”

With more than 30 years in the life insurance business, Melanie is a wonderful ally to have when you are purchasing a policy. She knows what is available and takes great pride in listening to her clients to make sure that they are informed - and getting the right policy for their family.

As we walk through Life’s Pivotal Moments, many things change. Melanie has seen many of these moments change her family personally. And, these changes can affect the amount, or even type, of policy that you need. By asking specific questions, and learning about each client, Melanie has the ability to match the right policy to each applicant.

“In my family, we are always there for each other,” says Melanie. “I want other families to be able to have that same feeling, even in the event of death. The right life insurance policy is a great way to always ‘be there’ for your loved ones, and I am honored to be a part of the process.”