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Teri knows from personal experience just how important life insurance is. Let her help you find the right policy for your family. 

Teri Costen
Teri Costen

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Teri enjoys working within the insurance business. But, she knows firsthand how important the safeguards of life insurance can be for a family. Teri has a wealth of knowledge and has been in the business for 19 years now – the last four of those years have been with Pivot. 

Outside of the office, Teri is creative and adventurous. She also enjoys fitness activities including aerobic kickboxing, spinning, weight training and softball. Halloween is Teri’s favorite holiday because it gives the opportunity to get creative and have fun – she’s known for decorating to the hilt! Teri hopes to travel the world someday and just take in the beauty of the different locations. She spends time making stained glass and enjoys the quiet, attention-to-detail work that the hobby offers. 

Teri is inspired by hard workers and those who care for others. She is a mother who operates firmly within the mottos: “quitting is not an option” and “you can do anything for a minute.” Teri believes legacy is important, and she has worked hard to instill that quality in her children by encouraging random acts of kindness and a “paying it forward” philosophy. 

Teri is a dedicated member of the PivotCare Team. Extremely hard working and motivated to help others, she will find the right life insurance policy to make sure that your family is protected through all of Life’s Pivotal Moments. Give Teri a call today to get started!