Welcome to Pivot

Welcome to Pivot

Welcome to Pivot.com. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our life insurance company. Life is full of those special moments when you encounter a real change: getting your first job, getting married, having a baby, buying a home, sending your kids to college, preparing for your retirement and even caring for an aged loved one. All these life’s moments come at pivotal times in our lives. Our mission here at Pivot.com is to help you ease the impact of Life’s Pivotal Moments so you can enjoy these wonderful times of life to the fullest.

How can we do this? Our entire staff is committed to helping you live life happier through these Pivotal Moments by making it easier to take care of the people who depend on you. Life insurance can help. It’s not the easiest topic to talk about. That’s why we are here. Our Pivot team cares about helping you. We like to make insurance simple, because it can be. Our PivotCare Team comes into work each day with an eagerness to share what they know about life insurance with you. What they know can help you compare rates and insurance companies. Perhaps you want them to share about how much life insurance you need for each of life’s pivotal moments. They even have tips on getting the application approved more quickly. They live insurance so you can live better.

Let’s talk about life insurance. It’s what we like to share. As you join our community, we hope you learn from others who share similar concerns about their Life’s Pivotal Moments. See how protecting those who depend on you can make a difference.

We also want to celebrate your Life’s Pivotal Moment with you. Send us a picture of your wedding or your child’s acceptance letter to the college of their dreams. We love it! You’ll see pictures of people we’ve helped.

So give Pivot a try. You are welcomed to the conversation. Get a quote if you want to see how affordable life insurance can be. Reach out and dialog with our Pivot Care Team. They want to make life insurance simple for you.

About the author: Brian Carroll is the CEO of Pivot Insurance and holds CLU & CPCU designations. He has been part of the life insurance industry for over 30 years. He is also an avid runner and has participated in many athletic endurance events. Brian established the anonymous life insurance quote process here at Pivot and takes pride in the caring and professional staff. You can reach Brian at 1-800-651-1953 or BCarroll@pivot.com.