The Livelihood of Life Insurance

Having a Baby

Life Insurance is not always the easiest of products to persuade others to purchase for their own protection. As an agent in the insurance industry, persistency, dedication, and commitment keep me on track for the good of others without my own self-interest or agenda getting in the way. I personally believe that the “livelihood” of families in many situations depends upon this.

Years ago, I sat down with a couple who, for a several years were not open to meeting with me to discuss their life insurance needs. A letter here, phone call there, even a “drop-in” one time when I was in the area at another appointment (no one home though, so I just left my business card on a door hanger with my company’s logo on it), all with the intent of trying to introduce myself to them. About three weeks after I left my business card at the door, I got a call from Mrs. Smith*, saying that she finally convinced Mr. Smith to let me come over to discuss life insurance, as they had just had their first baby.

The first appointment was tough, he was the breadwinner, had some group term life insurance at work (1 year salary of coverage), but no other insurance. With arms crossed, he simply couldn’t see the need for anymore coverage (my wife could go to work if she had to…etc.). I even asked him, “Who would take care of your child if something happened to both of them?” “We’re all set.” he said. “The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim, I’ll take my chances.” I couldn’t get Mr. Smith to budge, at all, no matter what I said.

A couple months later I sent him a birthday card with a picture of a man, woman, and two small children on a beach splashing water at each other facing the sunset, and it read, “The World Is A Better Place Because You Are Here, Happy Birthday!”

Two days later I received a phone call. He wanted to get started! I was able to get him to commit to a $500K, 20 year term at a low monthly premium. Granted, a small policy, but that was not the point.The point was to make sure I was doing for that family what I would have appreciated someone doing for mine.

Three and a half months later Mr. Smith passed away from unexpected heart failure. To this day I am very close with that family.Their kids and mine play together often and exchange gifts on Christmas.This why I do what I do… I help save livelihoods.Granted, $500K isn’t much, but tax free, it will be 10 years of his income replacement Mrs. Smith would have never had.

If you don’t think that an unexpected or untimely death couldn’t happen to you or someone you love, you might want to rethink that viewpoint. The fact is, we never know when our time will come, so be prepared and take the extra effort to protect the ones whose “livelihood” depends on you. Life insurance is an easy and smart solution to fulfill that obligation.

*For confidentiality purposes, I have changed the last name of the clients.

About the author: Kyle McDonald holds FIC, FICF, FSCP® & CLTC designations. His viewpoint on life insurance is simple, “Anyone with a family must have life insurance. In the end, life insurance is for others you care about, not you.” He is ready to help you and your family get the best option available. Contact Kyle today at   1-800-651-1953 or