Will Using an E-Cig Affect My Life Insurance Rate?

Life Insurance

Did you know tobacco use can affect your life insurance rates? It is not easy to stop smoking, especially cold turkey. Many people will use nicotine patches to help them through the quitting process. Electronic cigarettes or “e-cig” have become an extremely popular alternative method to help quit a tobacco habit. What most people do not realize is that the nicotine in these e-cigs could affect your life insurance rate. Even though life insurance classifications are broken into the two categories: tobacco user and non-tobacco user, you really could think of them as nicotine user and non-nicotine user.

Recently, I was helping a perspective client who said he had stopped smoking cigarettes over a year ago and was inquiring if he could qualify for a non-tobacco user rate. I congratulated him on his accomplishment and asked if he had used any type of nicotine product during the past year. To which he replied “I use an electronic cigarette.” At this time, I let him know that even though he no longer smoked cigarettes, the use of an electronic cigarette could potentially require him to be classified as a tobacco user for life insurance purposes.

I’m sure you can imagine how he initially reacted to being told this. He had hoped his life insurance coverage would cost him significantly less than being rated a tobacco user. I then told him that in order to be classified as a non-tobacco user, an individual usually needs to be tobacco and nicotine-product free for a year, depending on which carrier is chosen. Once he heard this, he wasn't overjoyed but was appreciative that I took the time to explain how life insurance classifications worked and he did apply for life insurance coverage.

So please keep in mind when you are preparing to apply for life insurance, nicotine use could be taken into consideration when quoting prices for your coverage. 

About the author: Jim Marcinkewicz has been in the life insurance business for over 6 years. He is a big supporter of the American Red Cross and teaches both CPR and First-Aid classes. With two daughters in college, Jim knows the expense it takes to care for your family and enjoys helping others prepare their futures as well. You can reach Jim at 1-800-651-1953 or JMarcinkewicz@Pivot.com.