Life Insurance - It's about the Smaller Moments

Raising a Family

Here at Pivot we talk about Life’s Pivotal moments being the perfect times to think – or rethink – about your current life insurance situation. These are key milestones in life like having a child or buying a home, and once the dust settles, it’s imperative to make sure you have your life insurance set up the way you need it. I realized over this past week though, that you may think about life insurance at other opportune times… sometimes seconds from potentially needing it.

Last week I thought about the importance of life insurance while at a waterpark with my family. I really love those places. I grew up near water and sometimes feel more at home in the water than on land. The park had this particularly fast slide my kids were egging me to go on. How could I say no? After checking it out I realized I was in for quite a ride. The slide started with me having to stand in a box about the size of an old telephone booth. The attendant looked at you through the glass door and counted to three… at which point he hit the button opening the floor beneath you, sending you on your way! It was a rather popular ride, and the line leading up to it seemed to go on forever. I thought about my life insurance situation as I got higher up the stairs in line, listening to each ‘slider’ scream following the loud thud of the door opening below them.

The other time I thought about my life insurance situation was one of those ‘last second’ ones. We were at a local state fair. I’ve gone to this fair since I was born, and this was its 147th year in operation! It’s a great summer tradition for us; check out the farm animals, ride some rides and eat all the stuff you read about on the internet (love me some deep fried Twinkies!). There is always some type of motor sports event too. This year it was a Truck Pull. My son loves anything loud, so he was really excited to see the trucks all lined up with their huge motors grumbling away. During one of the pulls, a truck’s steering broke sending it directly towards us. There were a couple barriers between us and the track, but let me tell you, when something that loud, large and heavy is coming your way… you need to think about your life insurance coverage FAST!

About the author: Seth Gowdy is the Sales Manager for Pivot Insurance and holds multiple insurance and securities licenses. He has been part of the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors fishing, hiking, and geocaching with his wife and two children. Seth most enjoys helping clients with Pivot’s anonymous life insurance quote process and needs calculators. You can reach Seth at 1-800-651-1953 or