The Fear of Life Insurance

Raising a Family

I didn’t think twice about life insurance the last time I went for my annual check-up at the doctor’s office. As he checked over my body and asked me how all of my functions were, the last question in my brain to ask him was, “Hey Doc, am I healthy enough to apply for life insurance!?”

When we’re healthy and life is going well we rarely dwell on life and death issues. The reality is, most of us do not think about life insurance unless we are “disturbed” in some fashion. What I mean by this is, life and death realizations do not often come forth in our psyche unless we are moved by the primal emotion of fear.

The number one fear in the world for most people is public speaking (Glossophobia)… death (Necrophobia)… is number two!!! [1] Granted I initially got this statistic from a Seinfeld episode, but I thought I’d do my due diligence and get a legitimate source for you.

The point is, we are more afraid of saying the eulogy than being in the coffin, yet ironically, more afraid of getting a quick quote on inexpensive term insurance than we are of talking about who will be the person planning the spaghetti super fund raiser that is supposed to pay for our burial and feed our family for 20 years after we’re gone. Why?

The Oxford dictionary defines phobia as, “An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something” [2]After reading that I said to myself, wow, in view of the concept of life insurance and doing what is right to protect the people we care about the most, I would have to say that many people are truly suffering from some form of phobia.

We shouldn’t have to be moved or disturbed by some circumstance that happens in our lives to wake up and be in contact with reality, for the reality is, we are dead some day and our time is running out, so we need to stop the irrational behavior of being afraid of a quoting engine for life insurance. What’s really frightening is the higher cost we will pay in premium and in health the longer we wait.

You know Jerry Seinfeld, perhaps you’re not such a “very bad man” after all. Any idea what the fear of life insurance might be called… Bioindemniphobia? Whatever the term may be, don’t shy away from protecting your family’s financial future. 

About the author: Kyle McDonald holds FIC, FICF, FSCP® & CLTC designations. His viewpoint on life insurance is simple, “Anyone with a family must have life insurance. In the end, life insurance is for others you care about, not you.” He is ready to help you and your family get the best option available. Contact Kyle today at   1-800-651-1953 or



[2] Compact Oxford English Dictionary- Oxford University Press, 2003