Making the Connection - Tufts10k Race and Life Insurance

Life Insurance

I want to talk about the importance of your own personal health and how it effects life insurance. I have been at my present position for the past 7 years. I can honestly say that when I first started working at Pivot, I wasn’t in the best of shape. Working here has made me be more aware of how important it is to be healthy. The CEO of our company, Brian Carroll, runs many marathons and is directly involved with our participation in the Tufts 10k and other fund-raising walks. He matches whatever we are able to raise. I believe he is a very generous person and has helped to increase my awareness about my own wellness.

For the past few years I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise regularly. I am not always successful on the eating healthy part, but the way I look at it, it could be worse if I wasn’t doing anything at all to help myself. I am more aware of what I am eating (or shouldn’t be eating for that matter!). I used the ‘It Fits! Fitness Reimbursement’ from my health plan and put the proceeds towards a purchase of a Bow Flex Treadclimber. I love this machine. I get up early 5 days a week and walk on it for a half hour.This treadclimber is a cross between a treadmill, stair climber and an elliptical machine. It really makes you work up a sweat! I also started walking during my lunch break for about a half hour. I have someone here at work that I walk with every day. My co-worker, Bobbie, keeps me in line and encourages me to push myself more. I am so glad to have her as a walking buddy.

For the past 4 years I have participated in the Tufts 10k in Boston, MA. I myself, am not a runner, so I choose to walk the 6.2 miles instead of running it. I walk with one of my daughters, Tracy, and we try to beat the time we did the previous year. We were successful in beating our time from last year by 6 minutes. Next year we will strive to walk faster and beat our time from this year. I think maybe next time we will train a little by walking longer distances before the walk.

About the author: Pam Fortier has been in the life insurance business for over 30 years. She also holds both a LUTCF designation and a CISR designation. Pam is adept at helping clients select the coverage they want at the price they can afford. You can contact Pam at 1-800-651-1953 or