3 Benefits to the Pivot Life Insurance TeleApp Process

Life Insurance

Life Insurance consumers have enough on their plates to think about as it is, so it’s nice to be able to make part of the process of purchasing coverage easier for them. The TeleApp process we follow at Pivot helps remove hurdles in the life insurance buying process, allowing you to focus on making the right decision, on your own terms. Here are the three biggest benefits to applying via TeleApp:

  1. Complete the application when it is most convenient for you.  We all have tough schedules these days. It can be even harder when you are trying to align two busy schedules for an 1hr+ long face-to-face meeting. With Pivot’s TeleApp process, you can schedule to complete the life insurance application over the phone when it is easiest for you to do so.  Home or work – or any other private space – will do! Sorry, we just won’t let you do it while driving! 


  2. Smooth process.  While sitting down to complete an application by hand can take more than an hour at times, our TeleApp process typically only takes a fraction of that time. Better still, our systems are aligned with the applications so that each and every question is answered the first time and clearly marked. This ensures once the application gets to the carrier there are no delays in processing. Before you even call to complete the interview we give you a list of things to be prepared with; Doctor’s information, medications, important dates, etc. This speeds things up even further!


  3. Access to a trained professional.  A professionally trained member of the PivotCare Team will be with you throughout the life insurance application process. This is key, especially when completing the application. We have access to a multitude of tools to assist the process along the way. Let’s say you are completing your application from work and forgot your doctor’s contact information – no problem, we can easily look that up. No need to reschedule or call home in a scramble. We can also catch things during the application that you might not catch yourself. For example, our team is trained to realize how certain applicant responses relate to rating classifications. So when you tell us you like to bungee jump from rocky cliffs on the weekends, we’ll be able to tell you right away the Super Preferred rate class you hoped for might not work out.


Technology continues to make purchasing the right life insurance coverage easier. The Pivot TeleApp process is no exception to that. It allows you to shop for coverage at your own pace, so can concentrate on making the right decision, and not whether you checked a box or not. 

About the author: Seth Gowdy is the Sales Manager for Pivot Insurance and holds multiple insurance and securities licenses. He has been part of the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors fishing, hiking, and geocaching with his wife and two children. Seth most enjoys helping clients with Pivot’s anonymous life insurance quote process and needs calculators. You can reach Seth at 1-800-651-1953 or SGowdy@pivot.com.