Life Insurance - The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Family

Raising a Family

You are probably asking yourself – Term life insurance is the perfect holiday gift for my family? Is this a joke? Not at all. Imagine a gift that will insure that your family can continue to live in their home, insure that your children will be able to attend college, permit a non-working spouse to remain at home to raise your young children and maintain the lifestyle they have been accustomed to with a single gift.

You can get this gift without having to stand in long lines, deal with hectic shoppers looking for special deals or concerning yourself with getting the correct size or color. You can make your purchase conveniently on the phone with a conversation and a brief visit from a life insurance medial examiner. Your special gift will arrive in the mail about 4 weeks after your purchase and in time for the holiday season. Could it be any easier?

The fact is without your income, can the family continue to live in the manner they are accustomed to? Do you know if your savings, investments, life insurance policies, retirement accounts and government programs will completely replace your income and leave your family in a comfortable situation? Take a moment and assess your needs in with Pivot’s Life Insurance Toolbox.

Don’t rely on many of the uncertainties that you think and hope will replace you when you can get the perfect holiday gift for your family, a term life insurance policy. Remember, savings and retirement accounts can fluctuate or disappear due to emergencies, as can investments.

It won’t come gift wrapped in colorful paper or bows and may not give an appearance of something that will excite the family. You will have the peace of mind knowing that it’s not what the life insurance policy is, but what the life insurance policy does….making it the perfect holiday gift for your family.

About the author:  Ken Buccico holds a LUTC designation and has been in the life insurance business for 39 years. His wealth of experience empowers clients to make best possible decision regarding a life insurance policy. To explore the best life insurance option, contact Ken at 1-800-651-1953 or