The Gift of Life Insurance - A New Year's Resolution

Life Insurance

Have you thought about making term life insurance part of your New Year's Resolution? This past month I have heard people talking about their resolutions and I am hearing the same things I hear every year such as losing weight, getting in shape, quitting smoking, getting organized. The one trend I haven't heard are things like being nice to others, paying it forward, giving something of yourself to someone less fortunate.

This past month has seen many upsetting stories in the news and personally it had taken me out of the holiday spirit and put me in a funk. Over this past weekend I heard a couple of wonderful stories of "Secret Santa's" who have paid off entire lay away purchases at area toy stores and companies offering free services to restore photo’s that were wiped off of a laptop that had been stolen but recovered. These stories made me feel like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes in one day.

Perhaps there is someone in your immediate family who does not have any life insurance, is currently having a financial hardship and cannot afford the premium. You may be in a financial situation that you could and want to help your family member. Term life insurance is affordable. You could be the payor of the policy to ensure they are covered.

By visiting, you can obtain a free term life insurance quote as well as utilize our online tools to help determine how much term life insurance is needed as well as our coverage on a budget tool that will show you how much coverage you can obtain by entering the amount of premium you can afford.

Insuring a family member could be a great New Year's Resolution. Not only are you giving your family member much needed life insurance protection, you are helping them in their time of need. Let us help make your 2015 New Year's Resolution a success. 

About the author: Teri Costen has been in the life insurance business for over 20 years. She is a mother of three who enjoys working out, taking aerobic kickboxing classes, and making stained glass. Teri believes that finding the right life insurance policy helps protect your family and loved ones. You can contact Teri at 1-800-651-1953 or