Shopping For Life Insurance Can Be Simple

Life Insurance

Looking to buy life insurance, but not sure where to go? The choices are all around: your financial advisor, the insurance agent down the street, or an on-line insurance agency such us ours, All are good choices and the answer will depend on who can offer you the best policy to meet your needs.

As an insurance agency, we are contracted with many life insurance companies. We offer free term life insurance quotes online at, and when you’re ready to proceed we’ll complete the insurance application over the phone with you. The members of the PivotCare team have been in the insurance business for over 10 years each, so we’re very experienced!

We’ll work with you on your schedule to complete not only the life insurance application but to help you schedule the insurance exam as well. We’ll continue to work with you during the underwriting process, and our system allows you to see where in the application process you are. We’re always available for you to contact by phone or email. Once you've provided us with your information, we’ll review it with our partner companies to provide you with not only the most competitive insurance policy cost-wise but also the company that will meet your needs in the future too.

We don’t stop once you buy your life insurance policy either. We’ll continue to be available to you after your policy is issued. We’re here if you need any help – if you've moved and need to notify the insurance company, if you’ve changed banks and need to update your policy, or to review the policy again to ensure it still meets your needs.

About the author: Melanie Tretheway has been in the life insurance business for over 30 years. She is a mother of two who loves baking, reading, gardening, and taking care of her family. Melanie takes great pride in making sure you are informed, especially when it comes to choosing the right life insurance policy for your family. You can contact Melanie at 1-800-651-1953 or