Life Insurance and Treading Water

Raising a Family

Recently in the media was a story of a former professional athlete who survived being in the ocean for 16 hours after being tossed out of his boat by a rogue wave. It happened so quickly, he didn’t have time to send an SOS, his boat was on auto-pilot so he couldn’t get back onto it. He then had to make a decision – swim or die. He has a wife, two young children and he didn’t want to die, his decision was made.

When I heard this story, my first thought was – what a lucky man to have survived. Not everyone would’ve been able to do this, especially without a life preserver. My second thought was (because it seems to always be a thought when I hear these stories) does he have life insurance? If he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll be calling his insurance agent or financial advisor soon to have a chat and review his paperwork.

Have you reviewed your family’s financial needs in the event of your death? Maybe you’re not in a position financially to fund the entire insurance amount you’ve estimated, but even a smaller amount is a good place to start. No one is saying you have to purchase the full amount or all at once for that matter.

Having life insurance allows your family to ‘tread water’ and stay afloat. It helps them answer the question: how am I going to pay for this? They will have some peace of mind to pay final expenses, settle some debt, or just paying day-to-day living expenses for a while.

About the author: Melanie Tretheway has been in the life insurance business for over 30 years. She is a mother of two who loves baking, reading, gardening, and taking care of her family. Melanie takes great pride in making sure you are informed, especially when it comes to choosing the right life insurance policy for your family. You can contact Melanie at 1-800-651-1953 or