Life Insurance Goals

Life Insurance

Life insurance goals, do you have any? Well January is basically over so how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions? One thing I’ve learned about resolutions is that you have to think about them in the long term. You could attempt to change a number of things about yourself or your habits but if you don’t think long term you may end up getting discouraged and reverting to old ways.

One thing you can do is to set goals not only for yourself but for your life insurance as well. Think of it this way, when you pass away what do you want the money from term life insurance to do for you? Is the life insurance intended to pay off a mortgage? Help young children as they grow up so they have the ability to go to college? Is it just set up so loved ones don’t have to pay for funeral and associated costs? Sit down and think about this, write out what you want the money to do for you, and establish them as goals.

Goals are very important in my mind. With New Year’s resolutions you may have a goal of working out more or changing eating habits to become really fit. So those are the resolutions. Now apply some goals to the resolutions. How often do you want to work out? Is it 5 days or 3 days a week. Pick a goal and do your best to meet that goal each week. If it’s to become more fit what does being fit look like in your mind? Does it mean a smaller waist size? Choosing different eating habits? Or cutting down on sugar, processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables?

Figure out why your resolution is important to you. Then set goals to help you see the resolution become reality. Do the same with your life insurance. Instead of just saying oh I should get some life insurance because everyone else has some or I’m getting older and I just need it, ask yourself what are the goals of this term life insurance policy? What do I want this term life insurance money to help take care of when I am no longer here? How much do I actually need rather than just choosing a number that sounds good to you.

About the author: Dan Cody has been in the life insurance business for over 7 years. He loves playing a variety of instruments including the guitar, bass, drums, and piano. He also supports cancer research foundations and volunteers at local pet shelters. Dan enjoys helping customers understand life insurance, so they can find a solid policy that fits their needs. You can reach Dan at 1-800-651-1953 or