Life Insurance When The Younger Brother Got Engaged

Getting Married

Life insurance is such an interesting phrase because it simply has the word “life” in it. May seem trivial, but why isn’t it called death insurance? I have to believe because it’s not about the person who passes away, it’s about the family that is left behind to pick up the pieces. Knowing that their lives are affected makes life insurance such an integral part of our existence.

We all go through life stages at a different paces and recently my younger brother got engaged. He’s 10 years younger than me, but definitely took his time in trying to figure out what his life was all about. We’re celebrating his 40th birthday this year. He has a brand new house, his first, and a fiancée.

I can honestly say, myself and the other siblings never saw this coming. He never really made it through college, and has been a bit of a drifter and free spirit. I’ve never faulted him for that, in fact I’m almost jealous of it in a way. Because of this he’s had some very interesting jobs up to this point.

Now that he’s hitting the big 4-0, I feel compelled to simply ask the question if he has any life insurance. My guess is no. Up to this point, he’s probably never felt the need. Who would it effect financially if he passed away? Well, things have changed and he’s about to have a wife, and now a mortgage to think about. I wouldn’t be surprised based on their ages, if children aren’t far behind.

I would have never thought in a million years that I would have this conversation with my brother, but the reality is, life changes constantly. What was important to him 5 years ago, has no impact on his life now. He’s got a new set of priorities and I’m amazed at how quickly this changed.

So think about your own situation and life and take account of your situation. It could very well be that it’s time to increase your life insurance or at least review it to make sure your coverage is where it should be.

About the author: Mark Yurkovic has been in the life insurance business for over 12 years, and holds CLTC, LUTCF, and CES designations. He enjoys building remote control boats, and playing instruments including the piano, guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Mark would love to discuss life insurance options and work towards finding the best policy fit for your family. You can contact Mark at 1-800-651-1953 or