Life Insurance for College Graduates


Aside from being a mild mannered insurance agent, I am also a college football coach. Although most coaches despise recruiting, I enjoy it. Never mind the fact that the better the athletes I coach, the better we do, there is something inherently rewarding about watching a young man push himself harder than he thought he could and start to become the person he wants to be on and off the field.

At the college I currently coach at, this year’s graduating seniors are the first recruiting class that I was a part of. Aside from feeling old, I feel a strong emotional connection to the young men that persevered and will walk across the stage to receive their college degrees. The lessons I’ve tried to impart on those young men go far beyond the field. Being part of a team is just like being part of family; we stress personal sacrifice for the good of the unit. As their football careers are over, their professional and adult lives are just beginning. This is when they will really begin to understand the importance of personal sacrifice and responsibility.

By and large, college graduates face daunting obstacles in trying to establish themselves in the adult world. Some may graduate with jobs lined up, some may move back home to save some money, while others may have to search for employment and look for places to live on a very limited budget. Regardless of the challenges and uncertainty, most likely, the one certainty that exists is the presence of student loans. There was a day when co-signers were not needed on student loans. That is no longer the case.

Twenty somethings display a wide spectrum of behaviors. Some take longer than others to mature. What they all need to realize is that parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, someone, is also on the hook for the student loans taken out to pay for college. Now that they've graduated, have a job and have some money, independence and autonomy manifests itself. A new wardrobe, car, nights out, travel all may be on the list. For the things they want, they find the money. Yet, when it comes to life insurance, there is no money. For less than a trendy drink in a club, a college graduate can get life insurance. Depending on health, a recent graduate can get a $100,000 15 year term policy for between less than $8/month to less than $12/month (smokers will pay significantly more).

Responsibility and accountability; these are two things that, in my opinion, are in short supply in today’s world. On the field, success is not attainable without each of the aforementioned. With the skills and resources one has, he or she has an obligation to use those resources responsibly. They may not have a responsibility to you or me necessarily, but definitely to those they care about and that care about them. This is why life insurance for college graduates cannot be merely a proposition to consider but the act of one giving of themselves for the good of their loved ones.

Maybe it’s the feeling of invincibility or lack of knowing the facts, but graduates are not having the conversation of why having life insurance is important. We need to say something to get the dialog started. Part of my duties as a coach is to help develop young people into responsible adults. They understand how important sacrificing short term desire for long term success is; in this case, perhaps not for themselves, but for their families. Part of why things go wrong in life is that people give up on what they want most for what they want now. Remind the graduate-to-be, that people are counting on them to do the right thing. And if they don’t, parents, you can take out a policy on your kid(s). You just need them to take an exam and their signature.

About the author: Anthony Veloso has been in the life insurance business for over 2 years. He enjoys coaching football, playing outside with his dog, and taking day trips with his wife and newly born daughter. Anthony is a strong supporter of Orphanages and Battered Woman’s shelters. He would love to put his experience to work for your family to ensure that you have the right life insurance policy. You can contact Anthony at 1-800-654-1953 or