Having a Baby–A Life Insurance Agent’s Perspective

Having a Baby

What do having a baby and life insurance have to do with each other? I can’t speak for every man, but when I found out when I was going to be a dad, I sat down, took a deep breath and smiled. Having a child is something my fiancée and I had talked about and both of us were looking forward to. The timing wasn’t exactly how we were planning it, but life is what happens when you’re busy making plans for something else. At that moment, I was happy, calm and accepting because it is what I wanted with the person I wanted it with. Once the warm fuzzy feelings went away is when the panic set in!

I often think to myself, “Holy Crap, you’re having a baby!” Thank goodness for family and friends because I immediately felt like I was in over my head. So many thoughts and doubts entered my mind. Waves of emotion from elation to anxiety fill my mind daily, but by far the greatest fear I have, is not being around to watch my child grow up.

Term life insurance is designed to protect against dying too early. Although it cannot prevent that from happening, it does protect my family financially in the event that things again, don’t go according to plan. I had an existing life insurance policy in place to cover final expenses and leave something to my fiancée and mother. Now, my priorities got an abrupt change.

Being in the life insurance industry, I have delivered a check to a grieving family and have heard countless stories from people that are grateful that a deceased family member had a life insurance policy that kept the family afloat. I’ve also heard the horrors of a family losing a parent and their entire life getting turned upside down, not only from the loss, but from the loss of income coming in.

Once everything settled down and my fiancée and I started to plan things out, I applied for another life insurance policy. A new life in the family means more expenses and responsibilities. Since every penny counts, I radically changed my diet in hopes of losing weight and getting my insides as healthy as possible to get a better rating on my new policy, not to mention live longer. McDonald’s was replaced by salads. Coffee was replaced by tea and water. Junk food snacks were replaced by fruit. My priorities changed. Things will never be about me anymore; they will forever be for my bride-to-be and my child.

Life insurance isn’t the #1 thing on my mind when I wake up or the last, when I go to bed. However, it gives me the peace of mind to not worry about what would happen if I passed away, at what would be a very inconvenient time. That is why I bring passion to what I do, so I can help myself and each person that is looking for help to protect their family. I want to live as long a life as I possibly can to experience every possible joy that having a family can bring. And in case that I don’t because I died, I have life insurance to ensure that the mother of my child and my baby could pursue every happiness that life has to offer without worry of wondering how they can afford to live.

About the author: Anthony Veloso has been in the life insurance business for over 2 years. He enjoys coaching football, playing outside with his dog, and taking day trips with his wife and newly born daughter. Anthony is a strong supporter of Orphanages and Battered Woman’s shelters. He would love to put his experience to work for your family to ensure that you have the right life insurance policy. You can contact Anthony at 1-800-654-1953 or AVeloso@Pivot.com.