Women Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance

We celebrated International Women’s Day this year on March 8, 2015. Women are playing an increasingly important role in the creation and maintenance of a family’s financial situation. Did you know that women are the sole or primary breadwinners in about 40% of US Households? Yet they lag men in life insurance coverage, carrying only 69% of what men have in life insurance coverage. Both of these statistics come from LIMRA, Facts about Life 2013. I don’t understand why this is but, it is a dynamic worth changing.

If there are people depending on your income, then life insurance is a must have. Income replacement for whatever period of time you have people depending on you, covering debts and planning for future needs like buying a home, funding college educations or planning for retirement should all be factored into your life insurance purchase decision.

If you are one of the many women who are primary bread winners and you don’t have life insurance coverage or don’t think you have enough, then I encourage you to call us or visit our website. We here at Pivot.com understand this unique dynamic and are here to help women get started. We can help you understand your current and desired situation, what’s needed to protect your loved ones and work with you to secure the right coverage with the right life insurance carrier at an affordable cost.

Our licensed insurance professionals here on the PivotCare team are dedicated and committed to you. You can see that in the many articles the staff has written and published on our blog. Please take some time to browse and review the vast subjects we have covered in the life insurance arena. You can also see the staff’s bio’s and determine who you might want to work with. We also offer a variety of tools and calculators that you can use to learn what amount of insurance is needed for your unique situation. Don’t wait another moment to get started! We are ready and waiting to help.

About the author:  Michele Cleary has been in the business for over 35 years and holds a CLTC designation. She believes that life insurance can give you and your family peace of mind, especially when you have other things to worry about. Michele now has 4 grown children and knows that proper planning is essential. You can reach her at 1-800-651-1953 or MCleary@Pivot.com.