Avoiding that Inevitable Curve Ball with Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Well the football season is over for another year, the basketball and hockey seasons are winding down, and that brings us to the baseball season, which has officially started and is now in full swing (no pun intended!). Baseball always makes me think of life in general. It’s a pastime rooted with lots of history around the game itself and our American lifestyle. Whenever there is talk of a curve ball I can’t help but think of life insurance. It makes for a great analogy.

Why do I think that? Just when you think you have seen it all, heard it all, done it all, you get a whammy thrown your way, the inevitable curve ball. I always get nervous when things in my life seem relatively stable; I just know something is lurking out there, waiting to trap me, the ever elusive curve ball… and I am not usually disappointed either!!

So, is there a way to hedge against the inevitable curve balls life may throw our way? There sure is. It’s called insurance and we use it in many aspects of our lives. We buy car insurance (ok- for this one we are required to buy it to actually legally drive a car), home insurance (ok- we may have to buy this to qualify for that mortgage), but we also buy electronic gadget insurance, appliance insurance, rental insurance, bodily part insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, etc. under no outside pressure except our own desire to protect what we have. Life insurance should be on the same short list, but often times, it is not. Talk about a major curve ball, for our loved ones who count on us. What if we were to die prematurely? What do I mean by prematurely, any time before the age of 100. After all, we all think that’s how long we will live. Death happens to everyone but us, right? There is still plenty of time to make that life insurance purchase and take care of the ones we love.

Now I’ll throw in a second curve ball. We’ve been healthy our whole life but then we get a whammy out of left field with a diagnosis that mars our perfect health record and could even prevent us from qualifying for that life insurance purchase. Believe it or not, it happens every day, to people just like you and me.

Now is the time to let the PivotCare team help you get started on that life insurance purchase. It’s what we do best. We’ll help you find the right life insurance at the right cost and be there with you every step of the way, including the application and underwriting processes. You will certainly hit a home run when you can let your loved ones know they will be financially protected long after you are gone. Isn’t that more important than purchasing the extended warranty on that washing machine?

Here’s to a good baseball season with lots of exciting moments and limited curve balls or maybe not, depending on which team you are rooting for.

About the author:  Michele Cleary has been in the business for over 35 years and holds a CLTC designation. She believes that life insurance can give you and your family peace of mind, especially when you have other things to worry about. Michele now has 4 grown children and knows that proper planning is essential. You can reach her at 1-800-651-1953 or MCleary@Pivot.com.