Transamerica: Friendly Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

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Having a Hard Time Finding a Life Insurance Policy as a Smoker? Check out Transamerica!

Every life insurance carrier wants to sell policies. However, every carrier does not necessarily want the same customers. Each company may sell the same or similar products but each carrier may specify a different target market. Keep this in mind when shopping for your next policy. You may want a particular carrier, but do they want you?

Internally each life insurance company has to decide its price points. Some companies want your business so badly they undercut the competition on price. Again, each company wants to sell policies but some don't choose to differentiate themselves based on price. Most will price themselves in the middle of the pack and let you decide which you like best or which you feel most comfortable with. Given the amount of time it takes to research all the carriers available, most people just go with the first that sounds reasonable not knowing who and what else is available.

Our job here at Pivot is to empower you with the knowledge to make the best decision for your particular set of life circumstances, not just a decision.

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Most people know that smokers’ rates are higher than non-smokers. However, both smokers and non-smokers need life insurance. When it comes to life insurance, something is always better than nothing. A minimal amount of term insurance, $100,000, probably costs less than you think. If you are a smoker that is looking for a small amount of term insurance, Transamerica may be the company for you.

Transamerica, is typically the lowest cost carrier for smokers. To illustrate my assertion, I ran the numbers on $100,000 policies for 10, 20 and 30 years at Standard and Preferred Smoker ratings. Of the carriers that Pivot offers, on 10 year term policies, Transamerica is the least expensive for female smokers ages 18-44 and the least expensive for male smokers ages 18-46. On 20 year policies worth $100,000, Transamerica is the least expensive for females ages 18-51 and for males ages 18-57. On 30 year policies, Transamerica is the least expensive for females ages 18-53 and for males 19-53.

The numbers and ages may seem random but if this is what you are looking for, how and or why the numbers work out the way they do shouldn’t really matter. You can be comfortable knowing that Transamerica, an A.M. Best rated A+ company, is there to provide you with the coverage you need at the most affordable price.

About the author: Anthony Veloso has been in the life insurance business for over two years. He enjoys coaching football, playing outside with his dog, and taking day trips with his wife and newborn daughter. Anthony also spends his time volunteering at Orphanages and Battered Women’s shelters. He would love to put his experience to work for your family to ensure that you have the right policy for your lifestyle. You can contact Anthony at 1-800-651-1953 or

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