8 Things I Want Dads To Know On Father's Day

Father's Day

Holidays like Father's Day, Mother's Day, and any other day which seems to encourage us to do something we should already be doing every day - appreciating a loved one - also seem to play a valuable role in prompting us to slow down the hectic nature of daily life and actually do so.

Therefore, in honor of Father's Day, here are 8 things I want all of the dads out there to know. Mine included.

1. Thank you for treating mom so well.

The way our fathers treat our mothers growing up forms our image of what relationships are supposed to look like. It governs the environment we grow up in. How we view women. How we treat everyone in daily life. So thank you to all of the dads out there who gave their children good examples to live by.

2. Thank you for believing in me.

Sometimes during our developmental stages, we don't always make the best decisions and don't always accomplish the goals we set out to reach. But, dads have an unconditional love for, and belief in their children. Without which, we would likely feel much more discouraged after failures than we already do.

Thank you to all of the dads out there who have shown us what it means to persevere through life's challenges, and eventually find victory.

3. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

A step beyond believing in someone is the unconditional love a father feels for his child(ren). This is not just tested when his children do not accomplish their goals, but when they keep him up worrying at night. When they date the wrong person or when they crash his car. Whatever the phase or screw-up, we realize over time that nothing can make a dad stop loving us.

4. Thank you for the spontaneous trips to special places where we can talk.

As we advance in life, we begin to understand that our parents really were right about everything...whether we like to admit it or not. We transition from avoiding their advice to craving it when it comes to making life decisions, and sometimes the best places to absorb it are the ones that take us away from a routine and give us the chance to just talk, one on one.

5. Thank you for teaching me the value of things, not the price.

Understanding the value of working for and earning what you want is priceless. Fathers have a difficult job of teaching this to their children, particularly before it is truly absorbed by them - but when we reach adulthood, perspective changes.

Even now when there are financial struggles and hardships, instead of feeling bad for myself, I look forward to the opportunity to earn the things I want and be proud of myself for doing it.

6. Thank you for teaching me to question things.

I feel that questioning and searching for your own truth is the only way to really find out what is important to you individually, and what you really believe and want out of life. Without the encouragement to search for what truly makes us happy, it is hard to actually achieve it.

Thank you, dad, for allowing me to discover and create myself along this journey.

7. Thank you for respecting me.

As we grow into adults, love from our parents of course remains valuable, but so does respect. Respect as an adult, respect as a man or woman. We will always be the "kid," but earning our parents' respect through the life we choose to live becomes perhaps even more important. Why? Because we will automatically be loved by our parents because they are our parents. Respect, however, has to be earned.

8. Thank you for making me who I am today.

Really, what is there to say when we take the time to stop and wonder what we are grateful for from our parents? Is there ever a statement that could encompass appreciation for the decades of unconditional love and support that they give us?

I think the best way we can show our gratitude is to live a life that makes our parents proud. A life that shows them the lessons they taught us at work. A life that makes them brag about us to their friends and say "that's my boy" or "that's my girl."

But, in the meantime, while we work on creating that life, there really is only one thing we can say:

Thank you, dads. Thank you for everything.

About the author: Brian Carroll is the CEO of Pivot Insurance and holds CLU & CPCU designations. He has been part of the life insurance industry for over 30 years. He is also an avid runner and has participated in many athletic endurance events. Brian established the anonymous life insurance quote process here at Pivot and takes pride in the caring and professional staff. You can reach Brian at 1-800-651-1953 or BCarroll@pivot.com.