You Want Life Insurance, But On YOUR Terms.

Life Insurance on Your Terms

Things have changed drastically in the past 30 years. We had something called "push button" phones that to be used, had to be connected to a line in the wall of our homes and offices. 40 Channels from your cable provider was the standard. And the thought of a home computer being the cornerstone of contact with the world was absurd.

As we have experienced significant progress, especially in the tech sector, we have also seen a monumental shift in how we expect to be served as consumers. We can now order goods online, have them shipped to us by the next day and in most cases, if we want to return the item(s), that's available and often very simple.

So let's get a bit more personal, what about financial and/or insurance services? How practical and easy is that compared to everyday goods and services?

First off, it should be seen as an everyday need, yes, an everyday service indeed. I can't imagine leaving the unimaginable task and burden of handling a crisis like an unexpected death, to my loved ones. But then to NOT have the proper measures in place to prevent even more pain and grief...that's just too much. We should all see this for what it really is. Most everyone I am in contact with have family, friends and loved ones who they care deeply for, that's what life is all about.

With this realization combined with the advancements in our society, the day has arrived in which we can name our price for so many different services. The option to shop, pick and choose services is here to stay. And yes, from the comfort of a handheld device if we prefer.

Take life insurance as an example. I'm not sure I can find many who don't agree that it's a wise decision but often it's a cost and convenience issue. Not so much anymore. Now we find the opportunity to get quotes without entering any sensitive personal information, but not just one quote, now you can get multiple quotes and pick whatever works best for you. Is that amazing or what?

I've heard so many reasons to why people don’t end up applying for/buying a life insurance policy. The most common is, you guessed it, "I can't afford it."

Well, guess what, that excuse has been nearly terminated from the financial services landscape and the opportunity to advance, save money and have the peace of mind knowing the best case scenario is in place for those you care most about, is here, today.

Just considering a policy is smart thinking, let's make sure we don't think too long.

About the author:  Michele Cleary has been in the business for over 35 years and holds a CLTC designation. She believes that life insurance can give you and your family peace of mind, especially when you have other things to worry about. Michele now has 4 grown children and knows that proper planning is essential. You can reach her at 1-800-651-1953 or