5 Fun Things to Make with Your Children That You Will Both Still Enjoy Later

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Try These Ideas with Your Children That Will Bring Fun Over and Over Again

It's a well-known fact that children like getting new things. They like toys, presents, snacks, and any other fun thing you can give them. Even more than those things, though, kids like getting quality time with the important people in their lives. What if there was a way you can give them both at the same time? Here are five fun things you can make with your kids for them to enjoy long after the craft is complete.

Nearly everyone has seen a puppet show of some sort throughout their lives. The concept is a cross between animation and real life, and kids seem to respond well to it. You can adapt this idea to your own home life easily by making your own puppets.

There are several different kind of puppets you can choose from. There are marionettes that hang from strings and classic puppets that are controlled directly by the hand. One of the easiest puppets to start with is a sock puppet. Just find an old sock and put your hand inside. You can decorate a sock puppet by gluing on eyes, hair, a tongue, or anything else you think it could use.

Create a whole troupe of puppets with your children giving each one it's own personality and story. Kids will love seeing their imagination take physical shape. You can also find several more ways to make puppets online.

Playing pretend is a child's forte. Their minds are still young and full of room to grow. They have more capacity to wander into the world of magic and make believe. Help them along with that by building some costumes together.

There are several ways to piece together a good costume. You can take them to thrift stores to look through the old clothes and hats, or let them look through that old steamer trunk in the attic. Kids can get some of the best ideas by looking through outfits that were once owned by people in history. You can buy some fabric and look around for patterns for the costumes they want to make. Some parts can even be made with simple construction paper and cardboard. The kids will love having a custom made crown for them to rule their lands with.

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Making music is a good way to relax and have fun. This isn't only true for adults. Kids will enjoy making a band of their own. But before you go out and but them a grand piano to squeeze into the living room, try making a few simple instruments yourself at home.

Drum sets are easy to make for kids. You basically just have to give them some pots and some spoons to hit them with. You can go a step further by fastening a handkerchief  tightly over the open part of a pot with a rubber band. This is closer to the way a real drum works.

You can also find ways to use rubber bands as instruments themselves. Just pull a few different kinds of them tightly across anything that will hold them without slipping or snapping. Now you can pull lightly at the strings and listen to their twangs.

Try adding some dry rice, beans, or sand to an empty milk carton. Leave enough space for it to move a little and you've got yourself some maracas. The same general concept can be used by putting some metallic items like loose change between two paper plates that are facing each other. Staple the edges of the plates together and you have a tambourine.

Kids will enjoy making their instruments right before they enjoy making their own brand of music.

Movies and Books
Kids like stories. They don't usually care what kind of medium it's coming from. A good story is a good story. Try making one with your children. Ask them to make up an animal with a silly quirk and write a funny bed time story together. You can discuss what kind of shenanigans this character can get into and include anything you want. You can draw pictures of the story with them and bind the pages with simple staples. You'll both like knowing that you have a story unlike anyone else's in your library.

You can also break out the video camera and film a movie version of this, or any other, story. Your children can star in their own movie in the costumes you made earlier, or just as themselves. You could even use the puppets or any toys they like as characters. It's your film. Do it your way.

Years from now you can look at the things you created and your children can show them to their children.

Food may not last as long as any of the other things on this list. But the experience will. Find some recipes that your children can help you with. Maybe make individual sized pizzas and let your kids top theirs themselves. or you can let them decorate their own cookies. There are a lot of fun things you can do with food that can be a bonding experience and a delicious treat.

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