Don't Forget To Do This Before Your 'I Do'

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Don't Forget To Do This Before Your 'I Do'

You're getting married, and you've undoubtedly worked hard to ensure that everything is in place so that you and your new spouse can start a life together on the right foot. You've cleared out a section of the closet and several drawers to accommodate your spouse's belongings. You've added him or her to your health insurance policy as a type of protection in case a sickness or accident occurs. However, have you thought about providing financial protection for your spouse in case something happened to you and you passed away prematurely? One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing life insurance policy.

A shared misconception about life insurance is that it's for the elderly and those families with children. Many think that a policy isn't necessary for young adults, whether they're married or single. The reality is that our lives have value no matter our age or situation, and that valueneeds to be protected as best as possible. Purchasing a life insurance policy is a necessity at any phase of our lives, and getting married is the start of a major phase. Consequently, obtaining life insurance before or when we get married should be one of our first priorities for the sake of our new partner in life. Whether you work and contribute financially, or whether you bring home-economic skills to the marriage, replacing your value won't be easy for your spouse if you pass away ahead of time.

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The reason we put life insurance in place is because we care about the long-term wellbeing of our spouse. Illnesses and accidents over which we have no control can happen at any time because we're not as invincible and immortal as we would like to be. But if you're in good health now, don't hesitate to lock in your healthy status for insurability before something unexpected happens. By then, protecting your spouse will be too late.

If you're planning on having children, have your policy in place before the arrival of your new baby. The stress of making preparations for a new family member can already be overwhelming, and trying to obtain life insurance during that time will only add to that stress. Purchasing a policy ahead of time will not only relieve that additional pressure but will provide a strong sense of comfort for you and your growing family.

If you recently got married or are engaged or planning to get engaged soon, our PivotCare team is here to help guide you through finding the best policy option for your new family.

About the author: Brian Carroll is the CEO of Pivot Insurance and holds CLU & CPCU designations. He has been part of the life insurance industry for over 30 years. He is also an avid runner and has participated in many athletic endurance events. Brian established the anonymous life insurance quote process here at Pivot and takes pride in the caring and professional staff. You can reach Brian at 1-800-651-1953 or

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