Making Time for Your Dreams: Five Steps to Successful Planning

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Making Time for Your Dreams: Five Steps to Successful Planning

Whether it's writing a novel or traveling the world, everyone has a dream. Unfortunately, many people push their aspirations aside due to obligations at home or in the workplace and eventually lose sight of them altogether. Instead, why not plan ahead to make your dreams a reality? Get started today with the top five doable strategies.


Pick a Date

Choose a reasonable date that you can easily commit to for the fruition of your goal. It doesn't matter if the date is within this month or one year from now; what matters is your ability to stick with it. Mark it on your calendar or write it down and put it somewhere you will see it daily.


Visualize It

Visualization is a powerful tool that can motivate you to reach your goals. By picturing yourself achieving your dream, you can affirm to your subconscious mind that it will happen. To take this strategy one step further, try creating a vision board full of images, quotes and other media that relate to your goal.


Outline the Steps

It is critical to organize your goal into achievable, bite-sized steps that you can easily accomplish over time. These steps should ideally be attainable and spaced out in consistent intervals, such as once a month or once every three months. Instead of setting large goals such as "Save $5,000," you might choose something more specific, such as "Put $100 into a savings account each pay period."


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Set Aside Daily Personal Time

Everyone can benefit from personal time, but few make it a daily routine. Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, insist on making time for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes each day. During this time, you should analyze your progress toward your goals and brainstorm strategies that can help you get one step closer. For example, if you need more free time from work to make your dream happen, you may strategize ways to cut your spending so you can afford to work less.


Get Support

A strong support network can help you stay on track and maintain motivation. Socializing with like-minded individuals can also give you access to helpful pointers from people who have already accomplished what you are trying to achieve.


Goal planning, much like any other endeavor, requires regular attention. However, it does not need to overwhelm your schedule. With these simple strategies, you can easily fit it into your schedule. Don't wait to get started -- the sooner you act, the closer you will be to reaching your dreams!

About the author: Lauri Pella has been in the life insurance business for over 29 years. She is a fitness enthusiast who actively supports foundations like the American Cancer Society, and the March of Dimes. Lauri would love the opportunity to help your family have a peace of mind, knowing they have the right life insurance coverage. You can contact Lauri at 1-800-651-1953 or

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