Five Fun Activities for Mother's Day

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Mothers deserve appreciation for all they do for their families. While gifts, cards, flowers, and sweet treats are wonderful expressions of love and devotion, giving these things doesn't take long. People may wonder what to do for the rest of Mother's Day and look for fun ways to spend time with their loved ones. The following are some unique ideas for activities that families can do with their special moms on Mother's Day.

1) Exotic Picnic

Picnics are a great way to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends. To make the picnic even more interesting, families can choose a specific flavor for the food and atmosphere. If their mother likes a country such as France or Italy, the family can assemble food, music, and knick-knacks that reflect that country for an exotic picnic getaway. Moms will appreciate the unique mini-vacation and the time spent with their loved ones.

2) Photo Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always a fun family activity for the adventurous. The hunters can choose photos of unique items from the Internet, then take Mom into their community to find them. Check mark a list or take a picture as proof of a successful hunt. This is a great way to learn more about the community, get some exercise, and have fun with Mom and the family.

3) Flower Messages

Flowers have always been a traditional Mother's Day gift, appreciated by moms everywhere. One way to give Mom flowers with a special twist is to plant them in the shape of a message. Family members can scratch out a message in the soil, such as "We Love You" or "Mom Rocks" and place fast-growing flowering seeds or young plants along this message. With some watering and care, they'll have a bright Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving all season.

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4) Family Art

Homemade items are touching gifts for mothers. Often these gifts have more sentimental value because of the time and thought devoted to their creation. One way to create family art that Mom will love is to place every family member's hand or footprint on a large piece of paper, canvas, or fabric with paint. Each print is labeled with the person's name and perhaps an extra message. Photos and drawings can also be added for those more artistically inclined.

5) Pampering Services

All mothers love to be pampered, even if that just means some quiet time to themselves. Family members can ask their mother for a list of services she'd prefer or hand her a list of services they'd be willing to perform for her on Mother's Day. These services can be anything that will make the day fun or relaxing for Mom, such as making her favorite meal, giving her a hug each hour, taking her on a special outing, offering to shoulder a specific chore she's been dreading, etc.

There is no better way to show mothers love and appreciation than to spend time with them. Activities like picnics and scavenger hunts gather families together and allow them to spend quality time with one another. These five activities can help make Mother's Day fun and special for every mother and her family.

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