5 Easy Ways to Add More Joy to Your Healthy Living Routine

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Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle can initially feel like a punishment. You're not allowed to have scrumptious deep-fried goodies and succulent desserts are frowned upon too. You have to exercise every day, even when you would prefer to just laze on the couch. Rather than feeling inspired by your decision to exercise more and eat better, you can end up feeling like you're being punished by a ruler-smacking guidance counselor or physical education teacher. To combat this negative mentality, it is imperative you add a little joy to your healthy living efforts. Relishing in the joy of good choices helps you remain committed to your goals. The following are five simple ways you can add a tiny bit of joy to your day, as you attempt to live a life filled with promise:

1. Remove the word 'should' from your vocabulary. Whenever you tell yourself you should workout, healthy living automatically becomes a chore instead of a desire. Replace should with 'want' and see how quickly you start to feel more motivated. Remind yourself of all the wonderful joys you can experience when you inhabit a fitter body. From running barefoot on the beach to showing off your spectacularly toned arms, when you focus on the activities you want to do when you're in better shape, you no longer feel like you have to force yourself to exercise.

2. Add childhood exercise habits into your workout routine. Use a Hula-Hoop to tone your core. Skip around the running track instead of jog. Heck, you can even slide a child's Skip It toy around your ankle if that's what it takes to get your heart rate up as you work out. 

3. Workout in surroundings that inspire you. Practice yoga on the beach. Hike to a hilltop with a stunning view. Run through your favorite park. Draw in the beauty that surrounds you and not only will you enjoy exercising more, you might even workout for longer periods of time.

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4. Meditate before you begin exercising and concentrate on taking deep, energizing breaths. An activity as simple as breathing in deeply can make you feel more alert and present in the moment.

5. Treat yourself to healthy natural fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, preferably in-season and locally grown. Instead of opting for quick, processed foods, choose to satiate your hunger with foods you know are full of nutrients and vitamins. Take pleasure in the tastes of each mouthful and pat yourself on the back for choosing to refill your energy stores with quality foods you know are good for you.

Living a healthier life and making wise exercise decisions doesn't have to be a dreaded task. If you're willing to focus on putting a little joy into each day, you'll be amazed at how rewarding the experience can be. Will you be trying any of the above-listed fitness tips in order to add more happiness to your healthy lifestyle?


About the author: Sonny Choun is part of our Marketing Team here at Pivot Insurance. He enjoys playing outdoor sports, bowling with friends, and spending time with family. His talent and expertise are a reflection of the Pivot culture. He believes life insurance is an essential part of a family's financial security. Sonny can be contacted at 1-800-651-1953 or schoun@pivot.com.

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