7 Traits of Self-Confident People

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Self-confidence isn't something someone else can give you. It's something that comes from within yourself. The follow are seven traits of self-confident people that you can learn from.

1. Self-confident people don't tolerate bad behaviour

Having self-confidence means that you won't allow people to treat you in a way that makes you feel bad in any way. If you have a friend who makes you feel badly about the way you dress, your job, or your lack of success in relationships, this is not the type of friend you need in your life. If you have a partner who constantly belittles you, calls you names, or physically abuses you, this is not the type of relationship you should tolerate as a self-confident person. You teach people how to treat you and by no longer tolerating bad behaviour you will earn the respect of yourself and others. It's important to remind yourself often that you deserve to be treated well.

2. Self-confident people surround themselves with like-minded people

If you surround yourself with people who are negative, self-hating, and bitter, it's more likely that you will take on these traits as well. In order to better learn how to be self-confident you should surround yourself with people that already are. Connect with people you admire for their self-confidence. Observe how they deal with different circumstances and people around them.

3. Self-confident people think positively

Self-confident people will try to find the good in any situation. If you want to be more self-confident, begin noticing the good things in your life. Take on an attitude of seeing the glass as half full even when others are seeing the negative in situations. Being self-confident means believing in your abilities to improve whatever you are dealing with. If you can't find a solution right away, you are determined to find one.

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4. Self-confident people face their fears

If you are looking to build your self-confidence, facing your fears is one of the best ways to do so. When you do something that scares you and forces you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you will come out feeling stronger and more confident. Don't think of fear as weakness, but as something to overcome. Fears are challenges for you to take on. Your self-confidence will come from your attempts to face your fears.

5. Self-confident people take care of themselves

If you want to feel more confident and appear more confident to others, it's important that you take care of yourself. It's common to hear people say looks shouldn't matter if people really like you, but the truth is that even you will feel better if you take time in the morning to do your hair, makeup, and put on an outfit that makes you feel good. Wearing your pajamas all day will not give you that boost of confidence that you're looking for. Taking care of yourself may also include being active and healthy because these things also help to boost your self-confidence. Someone who takes care of themselves holds themselves differently and gives off a better vibe than someone who doesn't.

6. Self-confident people remember their successes

Self-confident people don't forget their past successes. If you're going through a difficult time, it's important to look back on the things you did successfully in the past. When you're struggling to overcome an obstacle, it's normal to feel like you lack the skills or focus necessary to achieve your goal. Being able to look back on previous achievements will re-ignite your self-confidence and motivation.

7. Self-confident people build a life they love

Self-confident people know that what they want from life won't be the same as what someone else wants. You don't need anyone's approval to live the life you want. Be proud of what you want and be willing to make it happen despite anyone else's opinion or criticism. If your dream is to buy a cottage and write novels, do it. If you want to take a year off to travel and have the ability to do so, don't let anyone talk you out of it. Self-confident people trust themselves to make the right choices for their own life.

Self-confidence is a trait you can learn. By replacing old habits with new ones, you can build your self-confidence.

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