3 Ways To Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Compass Points to Leadership

Leadership is increasingly prized in today's global economy, where communication is 24/7 and the stakes of business and life are higher than ever. Raising profits, delivering better service to a client and solving non-profit problems efficiently all hinge on greater leadership. Everyone wants to create better leaders, but leadership can rarely be prepackaged and delivered like a meal. To cut through the chaff and take a highly effective path to success, here are three ways to maximize your leadership potential.
1. Prepare to Add Value Before You Need To 
The best leaders prioritize one aspect of success in creating more leaders: add massive value to people. At first glance, this can sound like little more than a trite comment that's pleasing to hear but pointless to use. Fortunately, "add massive value" is a statement of critical truth that empowers leaders to perpetually increase the capacity of their team.
Renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell said it best: "To add value to others, one must first value others." This is simple, yet brilliant. The best way to learn how to add more value is to prepare for it before returning to work at your job or your volunteer environment.
Each person contains inherent value, and a leader's greatest task is helping others see what they are already capable of. Think of the team you work with and how they can see their own value -- and that of the entire team -- more clearly.
2. Rigorously Study the Experts 
Leaders also carry the immense and vital responsibility of passing on leadership wisdom to the next generation. Part of why leadership resources are increasing in quality in the 21st century is because of influential leaders who have gone before us. In order to progressively add value, leaders must observe what worked so well in the past, and why such methods became so timeless.
Think of three leaders whom you deeply admire. Now, consider why they are so prominent in your mind. Chances are, they rose to the top because they impacted you in some kind of personal way. Their words, actions and legacy were so vibrant and meaningful that you assigned high personal value to them.
By thinking across your own personal experiences in this way, you're able to see what worked so well for previous generations. Examining and critically assessing the root meanings and truths of these leaders' words is what will help you add value to your current students and future generations in the same way.

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3. Commit to Long-Term Integrity 
In a world where bosses and project managers want more done in less time, it can feel like cutting corners is the name of the game in business. Sadly, trying to skimp on anything truly only has a karmic effect. You'll avoid taking the right action now and pay for it later.
Instead of trying to avoid hard work, acknowledge the fact that a leader's greatest duty is to enact what will most properly benefit his or her people. Doing the right thing nearly always means more work, but this additional work is the cost required for excellence.
If committing to integrity means sending a longer email so everyone is on the same page, sit down and make it happen. If being a better leader means adding more detail to the project so people don't explode in anger next week, get it done. Critically examine the project you're working on and truthfully ask yourself whether or not integrity is being upheld.

Good leaders don’t just appear on the scene due to a degree or professional status, good leaders evolve through healthy growth and experience. These three reccomendations will contribute to the success of any leader if they take the time to apply them. 

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