5 Ways to Be More Optimistic

Optimistic Woman

Optimism is a powerful psychological phenomenon. Harvard Medical School states, "Optimism helps people cope with disease and recover from surgery. Even more impressive is the impact of a positive outlook on overall health and longevity." To begin building a more optimistic outlook on life whatever your situation, consider the following five thoughts:

Know the World is Not Against You

Many people believe they suffer from bad luck, leading to problems in all areas of life. Yet, it's important to realize that there's no mystical force governing whether people are lucky or not. Bad things can happen to good people, but that doesn't mean you can't turn things around. Realize that you make your own luck. Knowing you need to build the opportunities for good things to happen is a great first step to being optimistic.

Limit Your News Intake

It's a fact that bad news sells. There are a lot of good things happening in the world right now, but the media focuses on disasters because they know it's what people like to consume. It's good to be informed about the world, but spending time reading about isolated tragedies will just make you believe our planet is an awful place.

Be Thankful For What You Have

Advertising is designed to make you feel like something's missing in your life. This creates a spiral of consumerism where you never quite feel satisfied. Being thankful for what you do have, both in terms of possessions and the people in your life, is a great way to be happy in the here and now. Making plans for vacations and other occasional indulgences is great for boosting your mood. Just be sure to balance this with gratefulness for what you can enjoy right now.

Realize Unhappiness Will Strike Occasionally

Even the most optimistic of people will suffer from bouts of sadness now and then. Enjoy life when things are good and realize that ups and downs are a part of human experience. This makes it easier to accept unhappy times when they arrive. It's important to understand that sadness will pass and it's always possible to achieve happiness again.

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Share Optimism With Others

Encouraging your friends and family to be optimistic, especially when they're down, is a great way to feel better about yourself as well. It's often shown that giving gifts feels better in the long term than receiving them, and brightening someone else's day with a kind word of encouragement can have the same effect. Consider sharing your own tactics for staying optimistic with someone who's unhappy and see how it changes their outlook and makes you feel better too.

Optimism is a powerful force, although it can be hard to achieve when there are so many challenges in life. By practicing these methods and making optimism a part of your way of thinking, it's easier to approach life positively and avoid floundering in despair.

About the author: Brian Carroll is the CEO of Pivot Insurance and holds CLU & CPCU designations. He has been part of the life insurance industry for over 30 years. He is also an avid runner and has participated in many athletic endurance events. Brian established the anonymous life insurance quote process here at Pivot and takes pride in the caring and professional staff. You can reach Brian at 1-800-651-1953 or bcarroll@pivot.com.

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