Make Good Use of Your Pumpkin After Halloween

Fun Things to Do with Your Pumpkin After Halloween

Pumpkins offer wonderful fun for Halloween. But next day they seem less special. In fact, their magic seems to vanish overnight, leaving you the battered remains of a colossal, old vegetable to get rid of. Worse still, you may have several one of them, or even a great pile of the cumbersome things, clogging up your living space. But don't throw them all in the trash can - at least, not yet. Take a close look at one of them, and you'll find it offers all sorts of values besides Halloween fun.

Here are some ways your pumpkin can serve you through the winter months. Pick and mix ideas from the list to suit your home and family. You'll be serving the environment, too, by re-using or recycling this splendid product of the soil.

In your living-room
A pumpkin skin will make a bright and shapely holder for a tall candle, or for other ornaments, such as fruits, flowers, fallen leaves, shiny baubles or peacock feathers. Scrape out the pith and pips and clean the inside thoroughly, then polish up its gorgeous, orange skin. You might like to tie a pretty ribbon around it or stick on some sequins for extra color. Gold glitter spray or streaks of black or red paint are other options. Position your pumpkin strategically to brighten up a dark corner of your living room, or put it in pride of place on the mantelpiece, to welcome visitors and offer a talking-point.

In the kitchen
Pumpkins are full of goodness. Their pulp and pips contain a range of health-enhancing elements, such as vitamin A and C, potassium and fibre, all of which can be consumed in delicious soups, breads, pies and other dishes. Even their tough skins can be cooked and enjoyed. Look online for more information on pumpkin nutrition and cuisine. You'll find plenty of simple recipes to try, and if you don't feel like cooking, you can give your body a boost just by popping some pumpkin seeds into your breakfast cereal.

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In your garden
Your back yard will benefit from your pumpkin fibre, broken down in compost form. Although the skins look thick and tough, they don't take long to soften and disintegrate in a compost container, and will enrich your soil through the growing season. If you're a bird lover, you might prefer to turn one-half of your pumpkin skin into a cat-safe feeding place for your smallest garden birds. Hang it from a tree branch or secure it onto a pole, where cats and vermin can't reach it, but make sure you can access it yourself, so you can top up their food supplies through the months.

With your kids
If you have children, you can make use of your pumpkin for family fun, inside and out. Let them kick it around the yard like a ball, or help them paint a funny face or pretty pattern on it. Celebrate their creativity by taking a photo of their artwork to adorn their bedroom wall. Another idea is to slice the pumpkin skin into gondola-shaped curves and let your kids float them in the bath - great entertainment for a wet day!

If you do end up putting your pumpkin in the trash can, at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you got your money's worth out of it first, and in wholesome ways, too. Share your favorite ideas with your friends - you'll be doing pumpkins a favor, too.

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