9 Types of Educational Christmas Gifts for Kids

Educational Christmas Gifts

Kids may have the hottest toys on their Christmas lists, but are these the toys that will keep their attention long after the wrapping paper is ripped? This Christmas, give the children in your life gifts that will inspire creativity and a life-long love of learning. Here are some examples of presents that promote education. 

Science Equipment
Gifts that encourage scientific knowledge are sure to get children's imaginations flowing. These types of toys give children fun, hands-on science experiences. Some examples include telescopes, science kits, microscopes, electronics kits, solar system models, and magnet sets. 

Board Games
Children love games. Board games teach children important social skills, such as taking turns and good sportsmanship. Games can be a great way for families to bond. They also help children develop critical-thinking skills. 

A book in a subject area that interests them is one of the best presents a child can receive. Research shows that children who own books have higher reading levels than those who do not. Books come in all price points and reading levels. If you're not sure what books a child already owns, a gift card to a bookstore is a great option. 

Magazine Subscriptions
Kids love getting mail, and magazines are one of the best types of mail to receive. There are many types of magazines based around a child's interests and age. Magazines help promote literacy, especially for kids who aren't yet comfortable reading books. Some examples of children's magazines include National Geographic Kids, Highlights, Sports Illustrated Kids, Ranger Rick, and Time for Kids.   

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Season Passes
Season passes are unconventional but welcome gifts. You can purchase passes for many museums, zoos, aquariums, and more. This kind of gift can be used all year, and enjoyed by the entire family. Parents will appreciate the gift of an experience for their children, rather than something else to add to their child's cluttered bedroom.   

Kids can learn a lot from classes, but they can be expensive. Give the child in your life the gift of ballet lessons, taekwondo classes, swimming lessons, soccer camp, or art classes. There are classes for nearly every interest. 

Craft Supplies and Kits
Arts and crafts have many educational benefits. The act of making something can help children gain fine-motor skills and self-confidence. It also encourages cognitive, emotional, and social development. Using a wide variety of available craft kits, kids can make fleece blankets, origami, jewelry, robots, and so much more. 

Legos and Other Building Toys
Building toys such as Lego, Knex, and Tinker Toys help children with fine-motor development and creativity. They also emphasize problem-solving skills. These popular toys come in a variety of themes and sets, so there's something for everyone. 

Tech Toys
Today's tech toys include old-standbys like computers and tablets, as well as newcomers such as robots kids can program using computer coding. Many of these toys help kids learn engineering and computer skills.

Educational gifts give children the tools they need to gain important skills for school and life. These are the toys children love to play with long after the Christmas season has passed. And they are gifts adults can feel great about giving. 

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